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Superfloor guide

Diamond polished concrete. Normal and hard top concrete types can be treated according to the HTC Superfloor™ method.
• High gloss finish with exposed aggregate
• Easy to clean
• Easy to maintain

For industrial, public and retail premises. TWISTER on HTC Superfloor™: The Twister™ system is the only approved and working maintenance method for HTC Superfloor™ – polished concrete. The system will maintain cleanliness and gloss over time. Twister™ Extreme (high speed burnisher with Twister™ Green) can be used to buff up the shine.
NOTE! We recommend using an auto-scrubber with vac.
Let the floor dry up if performing more than one cleaning pass over the surface.

Description/how to recognize
• Diamond polished concrete
• Often removed concrete top and exposed aggregate
• High gloss finish

Very hard

How to use TWISTER
Daily maintenance with green Twister on auto scrubber.
Dry buffing with green Twister.

Expected result/tips and tricks
High cleanliness and shine.
Only use green Twister™ and Floor Conditioner.