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Standard method for deep cleaning and upgrading

The standard method for deep cleaning and upgrading means that the same
cleaning routines and time spent is the same for the deep cleaning and upgrading phase. This means no additional cost by way of extra hours and effort. Just change Twister™ pads and continue as before. However, as the standard method is performed using the same routines as for daily cleaning, the floor  will be walked on between the deep clean and upgrading phases and this will affect the length of time taken to complete the phases.
First the floor is deep cleaned using the white Twister™ pad for 20 days using ordinary cleaning routines (most often one pass over the floor per day).
After 20 days the white Twister™ pad is replaced by a yellow Twister™ pad and the same process is applied.
Finally the yellow Twister™ pad is replaced by a green Twister™ pad for continuous use and a final high quality, shiny and clean floor appears. This quality is then preserved by regular/daily use of green Twister™ pads.