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Deep cleaning/ upgrading with Twister

Poles marmer menggunakan twister. Most floors in public environments are continuously exposed to heavy traffic. This results in wear that makes the floors natural gloss, lustre and finish disappear.
Traditionally a covering of polish or wax has been applied to the floor to prevent this wear and create the ability to strip and re-seal the floor to bring the gloss up once it is gone. As the polish has to be replaced, this takes time and effort and is often combined with a high cost and has also a negative impact on the environment. With Twister™ the need for periodic floor maintenance such as applying polish or wax is eliminated*.

Hard floor surfaces such as natural stone or concrete that have been cleaned
with aggressive and sometimes overdosed chemicals in deep clean purpose
most often loses its shine and lustre. This, in combination with scratches from wear, results in a floor that is hard to clean and keep clean.

As well as the green Twister™ pad there is also a white and yellow. Twister™
white and Twister™ yellow pads are a deep cleaning process that effectively
removes smaller scratches and upgrades the floor surface from dull and dirty
to clean and shiny.
This makes it possible to upgrade and deep clean a floor with no use of chemicals.
When deep cleaning or upgrading a natural stone floor or a Terrazzo floor, it is recommended that a mild stone soap such as the Twister™ Floor Conditioner is used to moisten the stone to prevent it from drying out. On all other floors water is enough even in the deep cleaning or upgrading phase.
Deep cleaning and upgrading is an initial treatment that most often does not
need to be redone if the floor is cleaned daily with the green Twister™ pad.
The deep cleaning and upgrading methods can be applied to most types of floor.

Poles marmer menggunakan twister