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Marble floor guide

Metamorphic rock material that consists of calcite or dolomite crystals, being the result of metamorphism of limestone by heat and pressure.
Pure marble is white but a wide range of colors exist caused by mineral impurities. Medium/high softness of stone. Recognised through its veins of different colours.

Marble is common as a floor material in public areas, entrances, supermarkets and airports etc. Especially common in Southern Europe

TWISTER on Marble:
Ideal material to clean and maintain with TWISTER.
All TWISTER methods suitable, Standard, Intensive and Extreme + daily maintenance with green pad. Even and high gloss due to softness of stone and homogeneous surface. Very receptive to high speed polishing. Sometimes a higher concentration of TWISTER Cleaner will help to bring back the colour and a deeper shine on a old worn floor.

Description/how to recognize
Metamorphic rock
Veins of different colors

Medium softness

How to use TWISTER
Ideal for upgrade (intensive and standard) and daily maintenance. Dry buffing effective for higher gloss.

Expected result/tips and tricks
High cleanliness and shine due to homogeneous surface and relatively soft stone. Higher concentration of cleaner will help bring back the color and deeper shine to a worn floor.