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Industrial cleaning with Twister

Industrial sites have big problems when it comes to efficient floor maintenance. This is mainly because of heavy traffic from forklifts in combination with a high amount of dirt and grease, especially within the production industry.
As well as the Twister™ pads already described there are two more Twister™
pads specially developed for heavy duty industrial cleaning – Twister™ red and Twister™ black.
The main difference to the other Twister™ pads is the size of the diamonds in
these pads. Twister™ black contains the biggest diamonds and Twister™ red
the second biggest, which make these pads more aggressive with higher efficiency when it comes to removing tyre marks, oil and soot.
Just like the other Twister™ pads, the black and red perform well just by adding water in daily cleaning as it is the diamonds that perform the actual cleaning of the floor.