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Granite floor guide

A plutonic, igneous rock material whose main components are quartz, feldspar and ferromagnesian minerals.

Has a grainy structure and a wide variety of colours exist from pure white to black. Granite is classified as very hard and durable floor material (much harder than Terrazzo and Marble).

Commonly found in relatively expensive objects (airports, hotel lobbies, etc)
and more in Southern Europe.

TWISTER on Granite:
Suitable for daily maintenance to keep a clean, shiny surface. Besides cleaning, Twister Extrem (high speed burnisher with green pad) method can be used to buff up the shine. Intensive/standard program does have an effect but to achieve high gloss is challenging due to the properties of Granite. Worn down surfaces may require grinding and repolishing to be restored.

Description/how to recognize
Plutonic, igneous rock material. Grainy structure for recognition.


How to use Twister
Daily maintenance and dry buffing (Twister Extreme). Limited effect on upgrade programs.

Expected result/tips and tricks
High cleanliness and somewhat improved gloss. Limited improvements on worn surfaces, may require grinding and chemical polishing to be restored.